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Professional, reliable and affordable service.

If your vehicle has starting problems, high fuel consumption, idle problems, high emissions or general running concerns.


Crypton Tuning - using data to manufacturers specification .

Your vehicle details are programmed into the computer and the Crypton software will run through a Tune-up test programme.

Car Key Programming

Mobile - replacement key coding and programming.

Any car, any van make and model - mobile.

Car Tuning & servicing

We come to you.

Cheshunt, Hoddesdon, Hertford, Waltham Cross and surrounding areas.

Call 07860 229516


Remapping & Chip Tuning for Petrol And Diesel Cars & Vans.

Mobile Re Mapping carried out at your home or work.

Call 07860 229516

                      MOBILE REMAPPING

We offer a mobile remapping service covering the following areas. Herts, Essex, North London,Cambridge, Cambs, Norfolk, Peterborough, King's Lynn, Wisbech, March, Ely, Norwich, Downham Market, Thetford, Chatteries, Essex, Herts

We are engine ecu remapping specialists. We have been established over 36 years. All our work is guaranteed.

All our remap files are custom made to your requirements, bespoke tuned files using your existing software, this ensures full compatability with your vehicle. We can tailor your cars software to suite your specification.

We use state of the art genuine tuning tools and software, giving us the edge over our competitors. We have been tuning cars and vans since 1983 and have built our business from loyal repeat business.


We supply Dimsport tuning files which are safe and guaranteed, your car is in safe hands with Car Tune.

We offer a full mobile remapping service covering Hertfordshire, Essex, Suffolk, Cambridgeshire, North London, Norfolk, Wisbech, Peterborough, Cambridge, Cambs, Downham Market, Chatteries, Ely, King's Lynn, Norwich, Thetford, Bury St Edmunds, Spalding, Pinchbeck, Huntingdon, St Neots, Corby  . OR SAVE MONEY and come to us in Cuffley EN6 4LZ (appointments only) and receive a while you wait remapping service that is usually completed in under an hour. OR come to us in Cuffley EN6 4LZ. You can either watch your car being remapped or take a short stroll down to Cuffley village and enjoy the facillities there and receive a call when the job is completed.

We remap the lates cars, bmw 4 series f32 f33 f36, bmw 1 series remapping F20 and F21, bmw 2 series remapping f22 and f23, bmw 3 series remapping f30 and f31, bmw 5 series f10 and f11 remapping, bmw 7 series remapping f01 and f01, bmw x3 remapping f25 and g01, bmw x4 remapping f26 and g02, bmw x5 remapping f15 and f85, 

we can remap all the very latest 2018 cars and vans all makes

What is involved in remapping. The first process is to check for faults in the enginge management system and delete any historical codes and make the customer aware of any current faults within the system. The next stage involves taking a copy of you cars map file within the engine ecu. We then modifire your cars map file to your specification oftern a stage 1 remap. This new modified file is then written back to your cars engine euc and checked. You then test drive the vehile which always leads to the customer being very happy with their new power and performance.

The cost of a remap is £230 if you come to us in Wisbech or Cuffley EN6 4LZ. This is a while you wait service completed in about an hour.

What are your hours of business.

We are open for business seven days a week between 8 am and 6.30 pm.

What payment methods do you accept. We accept cash and all major debit and credit cards including American Express.

How do I make an appointment to get my car remapped. Please call Tony direct on 07860 229516

Other services we offer

We don't just remap cars and vans, other services we offer include dpf delete, EGR delete, DTC trouble code deletion, Swirl Flap delete, lambder sensor deletion, Launch control, Pops and bangs, gearbox tuning, speed limiters removed.

Performance or economy ECU remapping mobile service

Same day while you wait remapping service please call 07860 229516

We accept all major credit and debit cards including American Express.

Established for over 36 years specialising in performance tuning

Professional affordable remaps tailor made to your spesification

Remaps cost £230 if you come to us in Cuffley Herts EN6 4LZ (appointments only call 07860 229516) or £250 for a mobile Remap service

Renault traffic speed limiter removal from £120

Vauxhall Vivaro speed limiter removal from £120

Mercedes Sprinter speed limiter removal from £120

Renault Kangoo speed limiter removal from £120

Ford transit speed limiter removal from £120

Ford Connect speed limiter removal from £120

Peugeot Bipper speed limiter removal from £120

Peugeot Partner speed limiter removal from £120

Citroen Nemo speeed limter removal from £120

Citroen Berlingo speed limiter removal from £120

Citroen Dispatch speed limiter removal from £120


Q I want to chip my car for more power

A This will depend on how old your vehicle is, most pre 1997 vehicles will need chipping rather than remapping.

Q What is remapping.

A Remapping changes the map file within the vehicles engine ecu to increase the power and torque of the engine, this is all done by                changing the software.

Q What is the difference between a stage one and stage two remap.

A Stage one remaps usually just involve re writing the software within the engines ecu however a stage two remap usually involves the          same process however other modifications will usually be required, these may involve induction modifications and sports kats.

Q  Do you Guarantee your work and software.

A  Yes all out work is Guaranteed.

Q  How long does a remap take.

A  Usually 45 minutes to an hour.

Q  Can I wait while my car is beeing remapped.

A  Yes no problem.

Q  What methods of payment do you accept.

A  We accept cash and all major credit and debit cards including Amerrican Express.

  • Mobile performance Tuning remapping
  • Diesel Tuning for performance Remap for power, economy, or a balance of both
  • Petrol car or van remapping for power, economy, or a balance of both
  • Dpf remaps
  • Custom made tuning file made to your requirments 
  • DPF Removal dpf delete
  • BMW 4 series remap £300
  • EGR removal and egr delete
  • 32 Years experience specialising in tuning
  • Pops and bangs
  • Remapping Wisbeach
  • Launch control
  • Gearbox tuning
  • Exhaust flap control
  • Start stop deactivation
  • Speed limitter removal
  • Rev limiter removal
  • Remapping Peterborough
  • De Kat 
  • Lambda disable
  • Speed limit Restrictions for vans
  • Ecu remaps
  • Ecu chip tuning
  • Chip Tuning Re maps
  • Remapping Cambs
  • Superchips Re mapps
  • Remapping For performance, power ,Economy
  • Remaping mobile at your home or work
  • Increase your BHP
  • Turbo Mapping
  • Turbo Diesel Remapping
  • ECU Remapping
  • Mobile performance tuning
  • Custom re map files
  • audi remapping
  • Remapping King's Lynn
  • mercedes remapping
  • vw remapping
  • bmw remapping
  • Remapping Bury st Edmonds
  • ford remapping
  • vauxhall remapping
  • peugeot remapping
  • citroen remapping
  • fiat remapping 
  • saab remapping
  • seat remapping
  • Remapping Cambridge
  • sprinter dpf removal
  • sprinter dpf delete
  • chrysler remapping
  • suzuki remapping
  • Remapping Norwich
  • jag remapping
  • kia remapping
  • hyundia remapping
  • subaru remapping
  • volvo remapping
  • cambridge remapping
  • cambs remapping
  • wisbech remapping
  • ely remapping
  • march remapping
  • peterborough remapping
  • kings lynn remapping
  • bury st edmunds remapping
  • huntingdon remapping
  • st neots remapping

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Mobile Re Mapping carried out at your home or work Call 07860 229516